USDCAD on Monday


1.06 $ earned


Click to zoom in published an idea on USDCAD, W1
last month

A currency pair that misled me a bit as I expected the dollar to strengthen against the Canadian dollar. As you can see in the chart, the price rebounded in the lower time frame, but after macro data the pair returned to further declines. Unfortunately, closing a position to zero is not cool. But I say that; "Better to close 5 times to zero than lose once." Currently, in the time frame W1 you can see that we are getting closer to the support. At the moment, he does not make a decision.

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    Canadian in suspense

    Despite the exit from consolidation, the currency pair is still in doubt. The reason is today's data, which in one part is forecast to improve the situation in the US, ie "core retail sales" which is expected to be positive compared to the last…

    Will Duxon published an idea on USDCAD, D1

    Long USDCAD

    This pair looks to be rounding out the bottom of a bowl. So, will it now begin forming the right-hand side of the dish? Only time will tell.