close to MA 32


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speculatorLT published an idea on USDJPY, H4
4 years ago

After a big fall down price made a correction of 100pips from 115.20 to 116.20. It is very close to Moving Avarage 32. I wait till 12:00, observing the movement and if it stays at this level I will put sell stop order 30pips beneath current price.

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  • Leinad Kerginsten
    Leinad Kerginsten4 years ago

    I guess you can find there triangle formation that may be a signal to set a long position

    • speculatorLT
      speculatorLT4 years ago

      you're right! i haven't seen in before. buy stop a little bit over MA.


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I mentioned this area in the last weekly forecast video.

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The 12-day baseline remained bullish during the recent three-week descent, and last week, the 24-hour baseline turned bullish as well. Given that I am looking at a green hourly candlestick after having observed price testing the 16-hour temporal support level…