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Tom Frick
Tom Frick published an idea on USDJPY, D1
4 years ago

This is a scenario that can play out. Shorting opportunities may show up but not until demand level at 115,60 is broken.

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    Long USDJPY

    The 12-day baseline remained bullish during the recent three-week descent, and last week, the 24-hour baseline turned bullish as well. Given that I am looking at a green hourly candlestick after having observed price testing the 16-hour temporal support level…

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    Yesterday I wrote that the U.S. dollar-Japanese yen’s 12-day baseline was still bullish, suggesting it was long overdue for a reversal north, and that it might opt to do so at any time. I went on to say that I could only hope it did not decide to do so now, just…