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Biznes-Broker.com published an idea on USDJPY, H4
2 months ago

We can safely say that the currency pair is moving in line with our expectations. In the previous post, I showed what we are counting on and where we should start thinking about short positions because there is a chance to change the trend. At present, we remain assuming further declines. In the first image, I showed two places where you should watch the price behavior. The first is the support that has already been marked, so it is worth keeping the situation under control. The second is local support, which, after checking the W1 interval, turns out to be a strong level at which price also reacted.

I am also pasting a second image from the previous analysis (web: biznes-broker.com)

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  • Swiss_cheese
    Swiss_cheese2 months ago

    Love a good break out!!


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    Biznes-Broker.com published an idea on USDJPY, H4

    USDJPY on Monday

    The dollar pair to the Jena has a chance of a rebound, but this could be preceded by a consolidation at a level that is approaching the price. We are in the support zone and the data for this week for the dollar do not clearly indicate strengthening or weakening.…