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Mike Lester
Mike Lester published an idea on USDJPY, D1
4 years ago

Thats my trade for today- usdjpy. On D1 very nice to see resistance level. It is first logick place to stop. After so big move( from 101.10 to 116.17) Time to relax ;). It is situation on D1. For now we need to wait and see how D1candle will close. Tomorrow morning we will start selling.

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    Carly fx published an idea on USDJPY, W1

    USDJPY Future Direction Hinges on 108.00

    The USDJPY is testing a confluence of support at 108.00 today.

    I mentioned this area in the last weekly forecast video.

    It’s the intersection of a trend line support from the 2021 low and the 2015 weekly trend line.

    USDJPY weekly time frame
    The USDJPY has…

    Will Duxon published an idea on USDJPY, H1

    Long USDJPY

    The 12-day baseline remained bullish during the recent three-week descent, and last week, the 24-hour baseline turned bullish as well. Given that I am looking at a green hourly candlestick after having observed price testing the 16-hour temporal support level…