USDJPY na spadki


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Daniel Grek
Daniel Grek published an idea on USDJPY, H1
4 years ago

Uformował się klin wskazujący na kontynuację przy trendzie spadkowym. Celuję w 102.109

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    Chris Borowik published an idea on USDJPY, H1

    Symmetrical Triangle

    Quotations of USDJPY pair are forming shape similar to Symmetrical Triangle pattern. This geometry has neutral meaning – bullish and bearish breakouts have likely chances to occur. Now price is near top line of triangle, which increases opportunity to break upwards.…

    Chris Borowik published an idea on USDJPY, D1

    Falling Wedge

    USDJPY quotations are in downtrend. Candles are making lower highs and lower lows, but highs fall faster than lows. This is causing top and bottom trend lines to get closer. This shape is called Falling Wedge. It means, that price is getting squeezed and tension…