false break


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Igor Balan
Igor Balan published an idea on USDCHF, H4
4 years ago

false break so they will go down again, short after breaking 0,996

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    That should interest you

    Will Duxon published an idea on USDCHF, H4

    A Change of Bias?

    Even though the 12-day baseline turned south this week and the 6-day baseline has been bearish for almost three weeks now, there is a good chance I will buy USDCHF—but IF AND ONLY IF candlesticks begin painting above the 3-day baseline, pulling the 2-day baseline…

    Will Duxon published an idea on USDCHF, H1

    Short USDCHF

    USDCHF has come up against the 48-hour temporal resistance level, with the rate appearing to have now resumed its former southbound trajectory, pulling the 40-, 60-, and 120-minute baselines downward as it rejoins the dominant trend.