What are the best times to trade Forex?


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7 months ago

Although trading can be done throughout the day, there are particular time frames where a trader makes significantly less profit as compared to other times during market open times. Taking into consideration the best conditions to trade well alongside specific times a trader opens positions, these 2 factors can affect overall profitability.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has standard trading hours from 9:30am to 4pm (Eastern Time - New York). NYSE is one of the largest markets in the world and affects other markets after it closes. This, in turn, decreases the number of traders involved in the market, giving room for discrepancies in the BID/ASK prices and the number of traders taking the opposite position against you - thus creating a volatile environment. A single trader can affect the rest when they retreat or file in a new order.

Other major markets such as The London Stock Exchange, The Shanghai Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, all influence a traders stability when they close. Having this knowledge, one would need to work out the best time frame to execute their trades, with the aim of trading when most of the major markets are open.

This may be tricky given each exchange is in a different part of the world and their time zones may vary from one to the next. Statistics show that most forex traders are successful during the late US, Asian and early European trading sessions - specifically from 2pm to 6am Eastern Time (7pm to 11am BST). During these hours, a higher amount of traders are present, sustaining the liquidity presented in the markets and stabilizing any up-trends or downtrends for the instrument in question.

The next time you are entering a position, you may want to consider which market for which time zone globally to fully achieve your true earning potential.

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  • Teejy
    Teejy7 months ago

    It's all based on your strategy, as long as you avoid the low liquidity of market change overs you should be fine.

    • ForexKing817 months ago

      Crossover of sessions is traditionally best but tbh I just look for wherever fits my strategy.

      • Al Bainers
        Al Bainers7 months ago

        I’m big on GN so Sydney through to London is my bag

        • momo3HC
          momo3HC7 months ago

          I can answer in short and two parts to the question. First, the best time to trade is when you’re feeling in best condition for trading. Second, european time zone is the best by liquidity. Thanks to that i live in Europe i can cover both rules.

          • cashisking86
            cashisking867 months ago

            Depends for me on what I'm trading and how it fits in with my strategy personally. I prefer to trader longer term so I'm not often so concerned with trading sessions. Generally due to where I live most of my activity is during the London session and spills over to the New York session.