What is TDC?


This publication is not getting any TDC due to too little content (it should be at least 250 characters) or other irregularities.

sand box maker added a new post
last year


Why do some post has some money $0.25, but most do not.

did people donate money if they find it useful?

and also whats TDC?

thank you all, im new to this

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  • Piotr Kowalczyk
    Piotr Kowalczyklast year

    Hi Sand Box Maker
    In the upper right you can find information how much post or idea TDC has earned. Each impression is awarded with TraidingDot coins. Whether a given publication earned 0.25 TDC or 25TDC depends on how many views the given idea had. If the user write an interesting text and…
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