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When considering opening trading positions it is vital to consider a range of information and a variety of sources where traders can draw on information to make an informed decision when entering a market.

So where are the best places to look online when looking for tips and useful knowledge nuggets to help us with our overall trading success?

For a range of educational features to help with trading analysis, www.forex.academy is an excellent site with a range of materials including guides on strategies, daily market analysis, and the latest Crypto news. A great all-rounder for all your trading analysis needs.

For another all-rounder look to https://www.dittotrade.academy/. This site contains educational features and courses traders can take to build on their knowledge from industry experts. There are videos for more visual learners and also a selection of current market news articles regularly updated.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Forex/ is a forum and a great place to get an understanding of how all traders are feeling, from beginners to experts. Users can discuss anything at all on Reddit, so finding traders on a similar level or just above your skillset can give personal insight to push you to the next level.

https://www.quora.com/ is a community where people from all sites on the web can have discussions surrounding a range of topics. This is a nice environment for traders to discuss their own experiences. There are moderators to ensure a safe discussion space.

https://www.uptrennd.com/ is a 'free to subscribe' news space where members can post short articles, videos, and reviews into different categories. There is a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain section which focuses on tradeable digital assets and technology news. Users can comment and upvote articles, gaining points for increased user activity.

https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/ is a site that will help prospective traders find a broker best suited to their trading needs. The site also has a forum section as well as trading tools, strategies, and analysis features. The site is great for checking broker reviews and within the site, users can see which brokers have been identified and listed as a scam broker.

With the above sites, prospective traders can:

Gain a sound overview of where to find the best research and analysis materials.

Find a community that holds discussions on trading trends or strategies with other traders.

Safeguard themselves from scammers by running a prospective broker through a scam checker.

Good luck!

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  • lee baxter
    lee baxter8 months ago

    Great all rounded information of good places that i have used myself. Couple there ive not seen before so will check them out, thanks.

    • ForexKing818 months ago

      Some good FREE sites there! Too many people paying for education or being scammed by people.

      • Al Bainers
        Al Bainers8 months ago

        Such a wealth of knowledge available. Good article. Checkout the series forex.academy has on candlesticks

        • momo3HC
          momo3HC8 months ago

          All this are free which is the best. Got to add also Babypips too.

          • Johnnyboy8 months ago

            These are the resources I use myself . Great community for traders and they're free . If only people took the time to delve threw these and not pay out unnecessarily