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Gregor Cooper
Gregor Cooper published an idea on WTI, H1
5 years ago

I think that the Oil price will go up.

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  • Paweł Buchała
    Paweł Buchała5 years ago

    Will you be trading after the correction if the scenario that you drawed realizes?


    That should interest you

    Gregor Horvat published an idea on WTI, H4

    Crude OIL Elliott Wave Analysis

    Crude oil keeps moving higher, but with overlapping price action within expanding diagonal while the RSI shows a divergence so be aware of a slow down, but just another fourth wave before the uptrend resumes. Support on dips would be at 79- 76.20.

    James Thatcher published an idea on WTI, Other

    United States Crude Oil Inventories October 6 2021

    What does the data mean to the market?

    The data indicates the number of crude oil barrels held by commercial firms in the US; this inventory is taken weekly and shows increases or decreases needed in supply, affecting the price. Therefore, a Positive number…